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EMOJI STICKERS included: hipster, punk, party, mustache, beard, voodoo doll, zombie, clown, cowboy, beer pong, skull and bones, beer and pizza, 420, werewolf, witch, vampire, skateboard, surfboard, two turntables and a microphone, tequila, and more!

Tired of the same old emoticons? Spice up your texts with these custom designed emoji.

Copy emoticons into Messages, Notes, Pages, and more, directly from your keyboard (iOS 8 required)!

Send them directly from your keyboard or copy them out of our app and into your messages.

Demoticons are larger than the stock emoji so they’re easier to see.

Send our emoticons via Messages, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more directly from the app. You can emoji and stickers from other keyboards in your messages. Our auto-paste feature works with ANY emoji or sticker keyboard!

Also included is a free keyboard so you can SEND EMOJI DIRECTLY FROM YOUR KEYBOARD (IOS 8+ REQUIRED). Note that in order to send emoticons from your keyboard, you must grant “Full Access” to the app (see You MUST copy and paste the image into your app from the keyboard. This limitation of the keyboard extension can be bypassed by sending messages and posts from the app, which automatically pastes any images copied to the clipboard from the keyboard.

If you do not wish to grant “Full Access” to the app or you are using iOS7 (which does not support custom keyboards), YOU CAN STILL SEND DEMOTICONS directly from the app using our custom messaging interface.


Demoticon 1_4-7_Portrait Demoticon 2_4-7_Portrait Demoticon Demoticon New Keyboard 4-7 Demoticon 5_4-7_Portrait Demoticon 4_4-7_Portrait